ACUP Compliance Committee (ACC)

A subcommittee of IACUC members that is chaired by the IACUC Vice-Chair. The ACC is tasked with conducting the initial assessment of an allegation or report and fulfilling the purpose of the Policy on Investigating Noncompliance and Animal Welfare Concerns. The ACC includes, at minimum, the IACUC Vice-Chair, a non-affiliated IACUC member, and at least one other faculty scientific IACUC member.

An ACUO Compliance Consultant and a designated faculty veterinarian will also be part of the committee to provide support. If allegations or inquiries include a safety or hazardous materials component, a member of Environment, Health and Safety will be added as an ad hoc consultant to the ACC. Appointment to the subcommittee is at the discretion of the ACUO Director and terms are for one year.