EHS Chemical Hygiene Plan

The Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) establishes a written program in accordance with the requirements of the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act (MIOSHA) Part 431 Hazardous Work in Laboratories Standard R 325-70100. The intent of the CHP is to protect University of Michigan employees and all personnel working in U-M laboratories from hazardous chemicals and promote a healthy and safe work environment. The CHP includes information to ensure that all laboratory personnel have working knowledge about the hazardous chemicals they use. The CHP is also intended to provide information on best practices in laboratory health and safety.

This document is supported by the University of Michigan Academic Laboratory and Research Safety Policy issued jointly by the Department of Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) and the Office of Research Ethics & Compliance (OVPR), in accordance with SPG 605.01 Safety, Health & Environmental Policy, with direction and endorsement by the Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer (EVP/CFO) and the Vice President for Research (VPR).

The U-M CHP applies to all research, teaching, student and other laboratories at the University of Michigan covered by the Hazardous Work in Laboratories Standard. The standard applies to all facilities where the “laboratory use of hazardous chemicals” occurs.