UMMS Biorepository Registration Decision Tree

May 22, 2018 9:45 am

This decision tree represents UMMS policy for registration of biorepositories

  • funded by a UMMS Department, and/or
  • operating in UMMS space, and/or
  • directed by faculty with an appointment in the Medical School.

For more information, see Medical School Governing UMMS Biorepositories Policy (level-2 login required) .

Others may use this decision tree to help evaluate whether an REP and oversight committee may be useful for a biorepository or data repository.

  • Decision Tree - Flow Chart Image

  • Decision Tree - Flow Chart Text

    Question 1

    Will biospecimens be cataloged and stored for possible future additional use by anyone, including the study team?

    • If no, then repository registration is not required. HUM application suffices for the use of biospecimens for a specified research aim.
    • If yes, then repository registration is required in eResearch through the REP application. Now, continue to next question.

    Question 2

    May biospecimens be used by others outside the department or beyond the original collaborators?


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