Clinical Research Coordinator Reimbursements for Certification

Feb 23, 2023 12:00 pm

This Medical School Office of Research process addresses the reimbursement to study team personnel in the specific Clinical Research Coordinator titles when they pursue required certifications.

  • Purpose

    Within the clinical research coordinator role at Michigan Medicine, professional certification is a key component of career progression in the competency and training-based framework.  This financial process defines who is responsible for support and reflects how to be reimbursed for certification requirements within the CRC series.

  • Financial Responsibility

    Reimbursement to employees for certification / certification maintenance will be the responsibility of the hiring individual (e.g., PI) or central unit (e.g., Department, Division, Center, Institute, Program, etc.). The source of funds for these expenses may include institutional funds, gift funds, or sponsored projects, as appropriate and proportional to the activity of the individual. 

    For existing coordinators (hired or placed into a CRC-required certification market title prior to June 30, 2022), departments may seek reimbursement support from the Medical School Office of Research for the initial certification. 

  • Procedures

    A. Process for pursuing research certification - Employee & Unit

    1. Unit determines if certification is appropriate.   
      1. Is certification required for market title?
      2. Is the employee eligible? Typically, certifications require two years of clinical research experience prior to application. Please review eligibility requirements on the website prior to application.
    2. Unit determines if additional support is in place to help employee be successful in obtaining certification.
    3. Unit provides approval to pursue certification.
    4. Employee follows the certifying organization’s guidelines for application and examination.
    5. Unit will collect and retain documentation of exam results (pass / fail) and provide to the CRC Governance Board when required.

    B. Process for financial coverage of the certification exam:

    1. If approved to pursue certification by the unit, employees are eligible to be reimbursed for up to two attempts at certification. 
      1. Employees may pay the application and exam fees following their unit requirements for reimbursement at time expense is incurred; or,
      2. Departments may elect to directly pay the fee on behalf of the employee.
    2. Subsequent attempts are the responsibility of the employee.
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  • History and Approval

    Questions on this policy may be directed to the Office of Research (

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