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Apr 30, 2018 11:45 am

“Post-Award” comprises everything that happens to administer a research project, following the official award being received.  The following pages contain resources, tools and guidance that is available to assist our Research Administrators with their day-to-day activities. 

  • Policies

    This link takes you to the UMHS site that houses the effort reporting policy.  The policy details how Medical School and UMHS faculty and staff report time and effort.

    This policy describes when a subaccount should be expected and provided.

    • ULAM Overhead Recovery This page walks you through the process of requesting overhead recovery from those projects that were initiated using the old ULAM "Specialized Service Facility" or "Quality Assurance" Fees.


  • Resources

    • Post-Award Procedures Manual  This comprehensive manual represents the consolidation of the Medical School post-award procedures and best practices.  It is designed to serve the sponsored project post-award community, is based on the utilization of the Real-Time Financials modules, and is written with the belief that the reader has a basic knowledge of post-award policies and University procedures.
    • Post-Award Reporting Toolkit

    This page contains a listing (by topic) of some reports that may be helpful to individuals performing post-award activities such as procurement and reconciliation.

    Contains additional information and resources on project execution services such as biostatistics or core services.

    This page contains budget templates in several formats that can be used to prepare research proposal budgets, as well as some templates to assist with calculating salary over the HHS cap and working with UM/VA split appointments.

    This page provides guidance on how salary caps, specifically the DHHS Salary Cap should be handled.

    • Sponsored Programs Provides personal customer service for your active externally funded projects.  Their website contains additional tools and resources to assist you. 



    For specific questions about the Post Award Procedure Manual or the Post-Award Reporting Toolkit, please contact Beth Brant (  

    OR for any questions, please feel free to contact the Grants Office ( for help.


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