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Dec 9, 2016 12:00 pm

This policy describes the process and conditions for obtaining a research cost share commitment from the Medical School Dean’s Office, Hospital and Health Center, or EVPMA. It also addresses the process for Medical School units seeking a cost share commitment from the U-M Office of the Vice President for Research. 

  • Overview

    Michigan Medicine strives to be an active partner in research and is interested in targeted support of projects that will create long-term impacts in research and generate significant returns on investment. A central focus of the Office of Research is to enable a variety of strategic resources to enhance investigators’ competitiveness for funding. With this in mind, we are particularly thoughtful when committing institutional financial support to proposals seeking external funding and ask units to adhere to the following guidelines so that all requests are considered and prioritized consistently.

    Institutional commitments take many forms, including the provision of effort or services, access to existing equipment, reduced overhead recovery (see separate policy), or a pool of funds available to support a project. This policy addresses requests for a pool of funds, termed cost share, to be used on a project. Cost share is deemed a formal commitment to provide institutional funds rather than requesting that support from the sponsor.

    Highest priority will be given to cost share requests which are:

    To support proposals that align with the currently identified strategic priorities in the research mission.

    To support interdisciplinary research that will have broad impact for the School and beyond, rather than benefit to a single investigator or single department.

    To provide access to research equipment, facilities renovations, or construction projects across multiple investigators.

    To support centers or large, multifaceted teams, especially for funds to enable strategic growth within the Medical School.


    All requests to Michigan Medicine leadership (Medical School, Hospital, or EVPMA) should be submitted to the UMMS Office of Research’s email (ummsresearch@umich.edu). Additionally, requests for U-M Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) consideration should be sent to the same email address. OVPR will only consider proposals that have been evaluated and prioritized by the School. All requests received will be evaluated within the priorities listed above.

    Requests must be received no less than two months prior to submission to the sponsor in order to give adequate review time. Late requests will be given lower priority.

    Requests for UMMS Office of Research Support Must Address:

    1. Why the request is perceived as necessary. Specifically state if the requested cost sharing is required by the sponsor. Please include an excerpt from the sponsor’s guidelines surrounding cost sharing for our review.
    2. Why we should invest in your project. Refer back to the priorities for funding to help construct the rationale.
    3. Identification of all expected participants/units, secured financial contributions, and evidence of unit agreement to the contribution.
    4. The amount you are requesting with the item(s) it would support.
    5. The impact that providing the cost share will have on the overall project.
    6. Inclusion of an overall budget that shows you have a solid understanding of your proposed budget for the entire project and how all institutional resources are allocated. 

    Requests for School Endorsement of an OVPR Request Must Address:

    1. Any requirements of OVPR in their policy.
    2. Identification of all expected participants / units, secured financial contributions, and evidence of unit agreement.

    Be advised that commitments are made for a single iteration of the proposal. If the proposal is not chosen for funding, the institutional commitment no longer applies and the investigator must re-apply for cost share support for a resubmission. Additionally, reductions to a sponsor award may correspondingly decrease the level of the commitments made. All cost sharing, whether mandatory or voluntary (required or offered), must be auditable under Federal Cost Accounting Standards.

  • Information & Expectations

    By Applying for Medical School Cost Sharing, You Understand:

    • Medical School cost share funds may not be used for Pilot & Feasibility funding.
    • If the sponsor award is reduced by more than 20%, the Medical School portion of cost sharing may be reduced. Contact ummsresearch@umich.edu at time of award to discuss.
    • Transfer of funding for any cost share commitment will be made only after expenditures are demonstrated, in balance with other units that committed cost sharing, and in balance with the spend of sponsor funds (if on a sponsored project).
    • If related to a sponsored project, at the point the grant to the sponsor ends, the expenditure of Medical School cost share funds is also discontinued.
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