Quick Reference Sheet: A Guide for Students & Short-Term Personnel Working Around Animals

Animal Care & Use Program
Aug 18, 2021

Students who attend classes where research animals are observed, and short-term personnel who work under the supervision of an IACUC approved individual in lieu of being listed on an IACUC approved animal use protocol, may not be required to complete certain mandatory training requirements. However, these individuals must still be apprised of certain obligations pertaining to responsible research conduct, occupational health and safety, and the humane treatment of animals used for research and instruction.

This Quick Reference Guide provides basic information about the use of animals in research and instruction at the University of Michigan, including how to work safely in and around animal facilities, personnel requirements for working with animals, how to report animal welfare concerns, and how to obtain veterinary care.

This document should be reviewed by all individuals submitting a request for short-term personnel to be added to an IACUC approved protocol. Students in any classroom where animals under an IACUC approved protocol will be present, as well as Observers and Short-Term Personnel as defined by the Policy on the Classification and Expectations of Personnel Involved with Animal Activities, should also review this document.

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Questions about how to submit a request to add short-term personnel to an animal use protocol should be directed to your Research Compliance Associate (RCA) in the Animal Care & Use Office. General questions or inquiries about the Policy on the Classification and Expectations of Personnel Involved with Animal Activities may be directed to the Animal Care & Use Office at or (734) 763-8028.